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Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973

As amended upto date

300. Person once convicted or acquitted not to be tried for same offence
301. Appearance by public prosecutors
302. Permission to conduct prosecution
303. Right of person against whom proceedings are instituted to be defended
304. Legal aid to accused at State expense in certain cases
305. Procedure when corporation or registered society is an accused
306. Tender of pardon to accomplish
307. Power to direct tender of pardon
308. Trial of person not complying with conditions of pardon
309. Power to postpone or adjourn proceedings
310. Local inspection
311. Power to summon material witness, or examine person present
311-A. Power of Magistrate to order person to give specimen signatures or handwriting
312. Expenses of complainants and witnesses
313. Power to examine the accused
314. Oral arguments and memorandum of arguments
315. Accused person to be competent witness
316. No influence to be used to induce disclosure
317. Provision for inquiries and trial being held in the absence of accused in certain cases
318. Procedure where accused does not understand proceedings
319. Power to proceed against other persons appearing to be guilty of offence
320. Compounding of offences
321. Withdrawal from prosecution
322. Procedure in cases which Magistrate cannot dispose of
323. Procedure when, after commencement of inquiry or trial, Magistrate finds case should be committed
324. Trial of persons previously convicted of offences against coinage, stamp law or property
325. Procedure when Magistrate can not pass sentence sufficiently severe
326. Conviction or commitment on evidence partly recorded by one Magistrate and partly by another
327. Court to be open
328. Procedure in case of accused being lunatic
329. Procedure in case of person of unsound mind tried before Court
330. Release of lunatic pending investigation or trial
331. Resumption of inquiry or trial
332. Procedure on accused appearing before Magistrate or Court
333. When accused appears to have been of sound mind
334. Judgment of acquittal on ground of unsoundness of mind
335. Person acquitted on such ground to be detained in safe custody
336. Power of State Government to empower officer in charge to discharge
337. Procedure where lunatic prisoner is reported capable of making his defence
338. Procedure where lunatic detained is declared fit to be released
339. Delivery of lunatic to care of relative or friend
340. Procedure in cases mentioned in section 195
341. Appeal
342. Power to order Court
343. Procedure of Magistrate taking cognizance
344. Summary procedure for trial for giving false evidence
345. Procedure in certain cases of contempt
346. Procedure where Court considers that case should not be dealt with under section 345
347. When Registrar or Sub-Registrar to be deemed a Civil Court
348. Discharge of offender on submission of apology
349. Imprisonment or committal of person refusing to answer or produce document
350. Summary procedure for punishment for non-attendance by a witness in obedience to summons
351. Appeals from convictions under sections 344, 345, 349 and 350
352. Certain Judges and Magistrates not to try certain offences when committed before themselves
353. Judgment
354. Language and contents of judgment
355. Metropolitan Magistrate's Judgment
356. Order for notifying address of previously convicted offender
357. Order to pay compensation
357-A. Victim compensation scheme
358. Compensation to persons groundlessly arrested
359. Order to pay costs in non-cognizable cases
360. Order to release on probation of good conduct or after admonition
361. Special reasons to be recorded in certain cases
362. Court not to alter judgment
363. Copy of judgment to be given to the accused and other persons
364. Judgment when to be translated
365. Court of Session to send copy of finding and sentence to District Magistrate
366. Sentence of death to be submitted by Court of Session for confirmation
367. Power to direct further inquiry to be made or additional evidence to be taken
368. Power of High Court to confirm sentence or annul conviction
369. Confirmation or new sentence to be signed by two Judges
370. Procedure in case of difference of opinion
371. Procedure in cases submitted to High Court for confirmation
372. No appeal to lie unless otherwise provided
373. Appeal from orders requiring security or refusal to accept or rejecting surety for keeping peace or good behaviour
374. Appeals from convictions
375. No appeal in certain cases when accused pleads guilty
376. No appeal in petty cases
377. Appeal by the State Government against sentence
378. Appeal in case of acquittal
379. Appeal against conviction by High Court in certain cases
380. Special right of appeal in certain cases
381. Appeal to Court of Session how heard
382. Petition of appeal
383. Procedure when appellant in jail
384. Summary dismissal of appeal
385. Procedure for hearing appeals not dismissed summarily
386. Powers of the Appellate Court
387. Judgments of subordinate Appellate Court
388. Order of High Court on appeal to be certified to lower Court
389. Suspension of sentence pending the appeal; release of appellant on bail
390. Arrest of accused in appeal from acquittal
391. Appellate Court may take further evidence or direct it to be taken
392. Procedure where Judges of Court of appeal are equally divided
393. Finality of judgments and orders on appeal
394. Abatement of appeals
395. Reference to High Court
396. Disposal of case according to decision of High Court
397. Calling for records to exercise powers of revision
398. Power to order inquiry
399. Sessions Judge's powers of revision
400. Power of Additional Sessions Judge
401. High Court's powers of revision
402. Power of High Court to withdraw or transfer revision cases
403. Option of Court to hear parties
404. Statement by Metropolitan Magistrate of grounds of his decision to be considered by High Court
405. High Court's order to be certified to lower Court
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