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Bare acts > Administration of Evacuee Property Act, 1950
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SECTION Administration of Evacuee Property Act, 1950
  CHAPTER I: Preliminary
1. Short title and extent
2. Definitions
3. Repeated
4. Act to override other laws
  CHAPTER II: Evacuee Property and vesting thereof in the Custodian
5. Appointment of Custodian-General, Deputy Custodian-General, etc.
6. Appointment of Custodians, etc.
7. Notification of evacuee property
7-A. Property not to be declared evacuee property on or after 7th May, 1954
8. Vesting of evacuee property in the Custodian
9. Power of Custodian to take possession of evacuee property vested in him
10. Powers and duties of the Custodian generally
10-A. Power to recover rent or damages in respect of evacuee property vested in the Custodian
11. Special provisions with respect to certain trust properties
12. Power to vary or cancel leases or allotments of evacuee property
12-A. Special provisions with respect to transfer of tenancy right of evacuees
13. Payments to Custodian to be valid discharge
14. Recouping of expenditure by Custodian
15. Maintenance of accounts by Custodian
16. Restoration of evacuee property
  CHAPTER III: Certain Consequences of Property Vesting in Custodian
17. Exemption of evacuee property from processes of Court, etc.
18. Occupancy or tenancy rights not to be extinguished
  CHAPTER IV-Secs. 19 to 23-Repealed
  CHAPTER V: Appeals, Review and Revision
24. Appeals from orders under Sees. 7, 40 and 48
25. Repealed
26. Repealed
27. Powers of revision of Custodian-General
28. Finality of orders under this chapter
  CHAPTER VI: Penalties and Procedure
29. Repealed
30. Repealed
31. Repeated
32. Penalty for causing damage to evacuee property
33. Repeated
34. Penalty for offences not expressly provided for
35. Repeated
36. Penalty for abetment
37. Offences to be cognizable
38. Procedure for prosecution
  CHAPTER VII: Miscellaneous
39. Offences may be tried summarily
40. Validity of transfer respecting property subsequently declared to be evacuee property
41. Transactions relating to evacuee property void in certain circumstances
42. Repealed
43. Vesting of property in Custodian not affected by death of evacuee, etc.
44. Certain officers to be public servants
45. Powers of the Custodian while holding inquiry
46. Jurisdiction of Civil Courts barred in certain matters
47. Protection of action taken in good faith
48. Recovery of certain sums as arrears of land revenue
49. Record to be public documents
50. Notice of suits to the Custodian
51. Fees payable to the Custodian
52. Power to exempt
53. Power to give directions
54. Power of Central Government to take action with regard to evacuee property
55. Delegation of powers
56. Power to make rules
57. Temporary amendment of Sec. 54 of the Indian Income tax Act, 1922
58. Repeals and savings




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