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Bare acts > Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996
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Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996

1. Short title. extent and commencement


CHAPTER I : General provisions

2. Definitions
3. Receipt of written communications
4. Waiver of right to object
5. Extent of judicial intervention
6. Administrative assistance
  CHAPTER II : Arbitration agreement
7. Arbitration agreement
8. Power to refer parties to arbitration where there is an arbitration agreement
9. Interim measures etc. by Court
  CHAPTER III: Composition of arbitral tribunal
10. Number of arbitrators
11. Appointment of arbitrators
12. Grounds for challenge
13. Challenge procedure
14. Failure or impossibility to act
15. Termination of mandate and substitution of arbitrator
  CHAPTER IV: Jurisdiction of arbitral tribunals
16. Competence of arbitral tribunal to rule on its jurisdiction
17. Interim measures ordered by arbitral tribunal
  CHAPTER V: Conduct of arbitral proceedings
18. Equal treatment of parties
19. Determination of rules of procedure
20. Place of arbitration
21. Commencement of arbitral proceedings
22. Language
23. Statements of claim and defence
24. Hearings and written proceedings
25. Default of a party
26. Expert appointed by arbitral tribunal
27. Court assistance in taking evidence
  CHAPTER VI: Making of arbitral award and termination of proceedings
28. Rules applicable to substance of dispute
29. Decision making by panel of arbitrators
30. Settlement
31. Form and contents of arbitral award
32. Termination of proceedings
33. Correction and interpretation of award; additional award
  CHAPTER VII: Recourse against arbitral award
34. Application for setting aside arbitral award
  CHAPTER VIII: Finality and enforcement of arbitral awards
35. Finality of arbitral awards
36. Enforcement
  CHAPTER IX: Appeals
37. Appealable orders
  CHAPTER X: Miscellaneous
38. Deposits
39. Lien on arbitral award and deposits as to costs
40. Arbitration agreement not to be discharged by death of party thereto
41. Provisions in case of insolvency
42. Jurisdiction
43. Limitations


CHAPTER I : New York Convention Awards

44. Definition
45. Power of judicial authority to refer parties to arbitration
46. When foreign award binding
47. Evidence
48. Conditions for enforcement of foreign awards
49. Enforcement of foreign awards
50. Appealable orders
51. Saving
52. Chapter II not to apply
  CHAPTER II: Geneva Convention Awards
53. Interpretation
54. Power of judicial authority to refer parties to arbitration
55. Foreign awards when binding
56. Evidence
57. Conditions for enforcement of foreign awards
58. Enforcement of foreign awards
59. Appealable orders
60. Saving
61. Application and scope
62. Commencement of conciliation proceedings
63. Number of conciliators
64. Appointment of conciliators
65. Submission of statements to conciliator
66. Conciliator not bound by certain enactments
67. Role of conciliator
68. Administrative assistance
69. Communication between conciliator and parties
70. Disclosure of information
71. Co-operation of parties with conciliator
72. Suggestions by parties for settlement of dispute
73. Settlement agreement
74. Status and effect of settlement agreement
75. Confidentiality
76. Termination of conciliation proceedings
77. Resort to arbitral or judicial proceedings
78. Costs
79. Deposits
80. Role of conciliator in other proceedings
81. Admissibility of evidence in other proceedings
82. Power of High Court to make rules
83. Removal of difficulties
84. Power to make rules
85. Repeal and savings
86. Repeal of Ordinance 27 of 1996 and saving



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