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Bare acts > Army Rules 1954
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RULE Army Rules 1954
1. Short title
2. Definitions
3. Reports and applications
4. Forms in Appendices
5. Exercise of power vested in holder of military office
6. Cases unprovided for
7. Enrolling officers
8. Persons to be attested
9. Oath or affirmation to be taken on attestation
10. Transfer from one corps or department to another
11. Discharge not to be delayed
12. Discharge Certificate
13. Authorities empowered to authorise discharge
13-A. Termination of service of an officer by the Central Government on his failure to qualify at an examination or course
14. Termination of service by the Central Government on account of misconduct
15. Termination of service by the Central Government on grounds other than misconduct
15-A. Release on medical grounds
16. Release
16-A. Retirement of officers
16-B. Retirement of an officer at his own request
16-C. Registration of Commission
17. Dismissal or removal by Chief of the Army Staff and by other officers
18. Date from which retirement, resignation, removal, release, discharge or dismissal otherwise than by sentence of court-martial takes effec
19. Unauthorised organisation
20. Political and non-military activities
21. Communications to the press, lectures, etc
22. Hearing of Charge
23. Procedure for taking down the summary of evidence
24. Remand of accused
25. Omitted
26. Summary disposal of charges against officer, Junior Commissioned Officer or Warrant Officer
27. Delay reports
  Framing Charges
28. Charge-sheet and charge
29. Commencement of charge-sheet
30. Contents of charge
31. Signature on charge-sheet
32. Validity of charge-sheet
  Preparation for defence by accused person
33. Right of accused to prepare defence
34. Warning of accused for trial
35. Joint trial of several accused persons
36. Suspension of rules on the ground of military exigencies or the necessities of discipline
37. Convening of General and District Court-martial
38. Adjournment for insufficient number of officers
39. Ineligibility and disqualification of officers for court-martial
40. Composition of General Court-martial
  Procedure at Trial—Constitution of Court
41. Inquiry by court as to legal constitution
42. Inquiry by court as to amenability of accused and validity of charge
  Procedure at Trial—Challenge and Swearing
43. Appearance of prosecutor and accused
44. Proceedings for challenges of members of court
45. Swearing or affirming of members
46. Swearing or affirming of judge-advocate and other officers
47. Persons to administer oaths and affirmations
  Prosecution, Defence and Summing-up
48. Arraignment of accused
49. Objection by accused to charge
50. Amendment of charge
51. Special plea to the jurisdiction
52. General plea of "Guilty" or "Not Guilty"
53. Plea in bar
54. Procedure after plea of "Guilty"
55. Withdrawal of plea of "Not Guilty" subject to compliance with sub-rules (2) and (4) of rule 52
56. Plea of "Not Guilty", application for adjournment, and case for the prosecution
57. Plea of no Case
58. Examination of the accused and defence witnesses
59. Closing addresses
59-A. Omitted
60. Summing up by the judge-advocate
  Finding and Sentence
61. Consideration of findings
62. Form, record and announcement of finding
63. Procedure on acquittal
64. Procedure on conviction
65. Sentence
66. Recommendation of mercy
67. Announcement of sentence and signing and transmission of proceedings
  Confirmation and Revision
68. Revision
69. Review of court-martial proceedings
70. Confirmation
71. Promulgation
72. Mitigation of sentence on partial confirmation
73. Confirmation notwithstanding informality in or excess of punishment
74. Member or prosecutor not to confirm proceedings
  Proceedings of General and District Court-Martial
75. Seating of members
76. Responsibility of presiding officer
77. Power of court over address of prosecutor and accused
78. Procedure on trial of accused persons together
79. Separate charge-sheets
80. Sitting in closed court
80-A. Courts-martial to be public
81. Hours of sitting
82. Continuity of trial and adjournment of court
83. Suspension of trial
84. Proceedings on death or illness of accused
85. Death, retirement or absence of presiding officer
86. Presence throughout of all members of court
87. Taking of opinions of members of court
88. Procedure on incidental questions
89. Swearing of court to try several accused persons
90. Swearing of interpreter and shorthand writer
91. Evidence when to be translated
92. Record in proceedings of transactions of court-martial
93. Custody and inspection of proceedings
94. Transmission of proceedings after finding
  Defending Officer, Friend of Accused and Counsel
95. Defending officer and friend of accused
96. Counsel allowed in general and district courts-martial
97. Requirements for appearance of counsel
98. Counsel for prosecution
99. Counsel for accused
100. General rules as to counsel
101. Qualifications of counsel
102. Disqualification of judge-advocate
103. Invalidity in the appointment of judge-advocate
104. Substitute on death, illness or absence of judge-advocate
105. Powers and duties of judge-advocate
  Summary Court-martial
106. Proceedings
107. Evidence when to be translated
108. Assembly
109. Swearing or affirming of court and interpreter
110. Swearing of court to try several accused persons
111. Arraignment of accused
112. Objection by accused to charge
113. Amendment of charge
114. Special pleas
115. General plea of "Guilty" or "Not Guilty"
116. Procedure after plea of "Guilty"
117. Withdrawal of plea of "Not Guilty"
118. Procedure after plea of "Not Guilty"
119. Witnesses in reply to defence
120. Verdict
121. Form and record of finding
122. Procedure on acquittal
123. Procedure on conviction
124. Sentence
125. Signing of proceedings
126. Charges in different charge-sheets
127. Clearing of court
128. Adjournment
129. Friend of accused
130. Memorandum to be attached to proceedings
131. Promulgation
132. Promulgation to be deferred in certain circumstances
133. Review of proceedings
  General Provisions Witnesses and Evidence
134. Calling of all prosecutor's witnesses
135. Calling of witness whose evidence is not contained in summary
136. List of witnesses of accused
137. Procuring attendance of witnesses
138. Procedure when essential witness is absent
139. Withdrawal of witnesses from court
140. Oath or affirmation to be administered to witnesses
141. Mode of questioning witness
142. Questions to witnesses by court or judge-advocate
143. Re-calling of witnesses and calling of witnesses in reply
144. Addresses
145. Finding of insanity
  Preservation of Proceedings
146. Preservation of proceedings
147. Right of person tried to copies of proceedings
147-A. Copy of proceedings not to be given in certain cases
148. Loss of proceedings
  Irregular procedure when no injustice is done
149. Validity of irregular procedure in certain cases
  Offences of witnesses and others
150. Offences of witnesses and others
151. Convening the court and record of proceedings
152. Charge
153. Trial of several accused persons
154. Challenges
155. Swearing or affirming the court, judge-advocate, etc,
156. Arraignment
157. Plea of jurisdiction
158. Evidence
159. Defence
160. Record of the evidence and defence
161. Finding and sentence
162. Signing and transmission of proceedings
163. Adjournment
164. Application of rules
165. Evidence of opinion of convening officer
166. Committal warrants
167. Warrants under rule 173
168. Sentence of cashiering or dismissal
169. Custody of person under sentence of death
170. Opportunity for petition against sentence of death
170-A. Death warrant
170-B. Execution of sentence of death
171. Procedure or commutation of sentence of death
  172 to 176. Omitted
177. Courts of Inquiry
178. Members of court not to be sworn or affirmed
179. Procedure
180. Procedure when character of a person subject to the Act is involved
181. Evidences when to be taken on oath or affirmation
182. Proceedings of court of inquiry not admissible in evidence
183. Court of inquiry as to illegal absence under rule 106
184. Right of certain persons to copies of statements and documents
  Losses or Thefts of Arms
185. Court of inquiry when rifles, etc., are lost or stolen
186. Collective fines may be imposed
187. 'Corps' prescribed under rule 3 (vi)
188. Conditions prescribed under rule 3(xviii)(f)
189. Prescribed officer under rule 7(1)
190. Prescribed form under rule 13
191. Prescribed officer under rule 78
192. Prescribed extent of punishments under rule 80
193. Prescribed officer under rules 90 (i) and 91 (i)
194. Prescribed officer under rule 93
195. Prescribed authorities under rule 97
196. Prescribed authorities under rules 98 and 99
197. Prescribed officer under rule 107(1)
197-A. Prescribed officer under rule 125
198. Prescribed officer under rule 142
199. Prescribed manner of custody and prescribed officer under rules 145 and 146
200. Prescribed officer under rule 162
201. Prescribed officer under rule 164 (2)
202. Prescribed officer under rule 165
203. Prescribed officer under rule 169
204. Prescribed officer under rule 179
205. Authorised deductions

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