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Bare acts > Company Law Board Regulations, 1991
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Company Law Board Regulations, 1991

1. Short title, commencement and interpretation
2. Definitions
3. Composition of Benches of the Board
4. Power of the Chairman to specify matters which may be dealt with by a Bench
5. Omitted
6. Omitted
7. Jurisdiction of the Bench
8. Language of the Bench
9. Sitting hours of the Bench
10. Bench to have seal of its own
11. Petitions, etc., to be in writing
12. Application, reference or petition to be divided into paragraphs
13. General heading to be in Form No. 1 in Annexure II
14. Procedure for filing petition
15. Presentation and scrutiny of petition
16. Contents of petition
17. Contents of interlocutory application
18. Documents to accompany the petition
19. Rights of a party to appear before the Bench
20. Plural remedies
21. Service of notice and process issued by the Bench
22. Filing of reply and other documents by the respondents
23. Filing of counter-reply by the petitioner
24. Power of the Bench to call for further information/ evidence
25. Hearing of petition
26. Procedure to be followed where any party does not appear
27. Omitted
28. Substitution of legal representative
29. Order of the Bench
30. Inspection of records and supply of certified copies
31. Power and functions of the Secretary
32. Powers and duties of the Bench Officers
33. Registers of petitions and applications
34. Fees
35. Reference to Company Law Board
36. Petition under section 17
37. Application for deposit
38. Petition under section 397 or 398
39. Petition under section 407
40. Reference under section 621A
41. Petition under section 2A of the Monopolies Act
42. Omitted
43. Enlargement of time
44. Saving of inherent power of the Bench
45. Amendment of order
46. General power to amend
47. Bench to be deemed to be a court for certain purposes
48. Power to dispense with the requirement of the regulations
49. Preparation of paper book
50. Dress for the members, for the Authorised Representatives and for the parties in person
  Annexure I : States/Union territories falling under each region
  Form No. 1
  Form No. 2
  Form No. 3
  Form No. 4 : Application by depositor under section 58A(9) of the Act or section 45QA of the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934
  Form No. 5 : Memorandum of appearance
  Annexure III : Documents to be attached with a petition



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