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23. Additional powers and duties of Registrar.- In addition to the powers conferred elsewhere in these rules, the Registrar shall have the following powers and duties subject to any general or special order of the Presiding Officer, namely,-

(i) to receive all applications and other documents including transferred applications,

(ii) to decide all questions arising out of the scrutiny of the applications before they are registered;

(iii) to require any application presented to the Tribunal to be amended in accordance with the rules;

(iv) subject to the direction of the Presiding Officer, to fix date of hearing of the application or other proceedings and issue notice thereof;

(v) direct any formal amendment of records;

(vi) to order grant of copies of documents to parties to proceedings;

(vii) to grant leave to inspect other records of Tribunal;

(viii) dispose of all matters relying to the service of notices or other processes, application for the issue of fresh notices or for extending the time for or ordering a particular method of service on a defendant including a substituted service by publication of the notice by way of advertisements in the newspapers;

(ix) to requisition records from the custody or any court or other authority.





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