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9. Documents to accompany the application.- (1) Every application shall be accompanied by a paper book containing,-

(i) statement showing details of the debt due from a defendant and the circumstances under which such a debt has become due;

(ii) all documents relied upon by the applicant and those mentioned in the application;

(iii) details of the crossed demand draft or crossed Indian Postal Order representing the application fee;

(2) The documents referred to in sub-rule (l) shall be neatly typed in double space on one side of the paper, duly attested by a senior officer of the bank, or financial institution, as the case may be, and numbered accordingly.

(3) Where the parties to the suit or proceedings are being represented by an agent, documents authorising him to act as such agent shall also be appended to the application:

PROVIDED that where an application is filed by legal practitioner, it shall be accompanied by a duly executed vakalatnama.





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