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28. Filing of appeal before the appellate officer.- (1) Every appeal under sub-section (1) of section 9 of the Act shall be preferred in the form of a memorandum signed by the aggrieved person or his authorised advocate and presented to the appellate authority in person or sent to him by registered post.

(2) The memorandum shall be accompanied by a certified copy of the order appealed against and a demand draft for rupees one hundred.

(3) The memorandum shall set forth concisely and under distinct heads the grounds of appeal.

(4) Where the memorandum of appeal does not comply with the provisions of sub-rule (2) and sub-rule (3), it may be returned to appellant for the purpose of being amended within a time to be fixed by the appellate officer which shall not exceed thirty days from the date on which the order appealed against has been communicated to the appellant.

(5) Where the memorandum of appeal is in order, the appellate officer shall admit the appeal, endorse thereon the date of hearing of such appeal, and shall register the appeal in a book to be kept for the purpose called the register of appeals.

(6) (i) When the appeal has been admitted, under sub-rule (5) the appellate officer shall send the notice of the appeal to the registering officer against whose order the appeal has been preferred and the registering officer shall thereupon send the record of the case to the appellate officer.

(ii) on receipt of the record, the appellate officer shall send a notice to the appellant to appear before him at such date and time as may be specified in the notice for the hearing of the appeal.





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