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38. Lifting and carrying of excessive weight.- An employer shall ensure at a construction site of a building or other construction work that,-

(a) no building worker lifts by hand or carries overhead or over his back or shoulders any material, article, tool or appliances exceeding in weight the maximum limits set out in the following table:

Person Maximum weight load
Adult -man 55 kg
Adult -female 30 kg
Adolescent -male(15-18 years) 30 kg
Adolescent -female( - do - ) 20 kg
Young person-male (14-15 years) 16 kg
Young person-female (- do -)   14 kg

unless aided by any other building worker or a mechanical device.

(b) no building workers aided by other building workers, lift by hand or carry overhead or over their backs or shoulders, any material, article, tool or appliance exceeding in weight the sum total of maximum limits set out for each building worker separately under clause (a), unless aided by a mechanical device.





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