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69. Construction and maintenance of lifting gear.- The employer shall ensure at a construction site of a building or other construction work that-

(a) every lifting gear is-

(i) of good design and construction, sound material and adequate strength to perform the work for which it is used;

(ii) free from patent defects; and

(iii) properly maintained in good repair and working order;

(b) components of the loose gear, at the time of its use, are renewed if one of its dimensions at any point has decreased by ten per cent or more by user.

(c) a chain is withdrawn from use when it is stretched and increased in length which exceeds five per cent of its length or when a link of such chain is deformed or is otherwise damaged or raised scrafs of defective welds is appeared on it;

(d) rings, hooks, swivels and end links attached to a chain are of the same material as that of such chain;

(e) the voltage of electric supply to any magnetic lifting device does not fluctuate by more than plus ten per cent or minus ten per cent.





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