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8. Duties and responsibilities of workers.- (1) It shall be the duty of every building worker to comply with the requirements of such of these rules as relate to him, and act and co-operate in carrying out the requirements of these rules and if he discovers any defects in the lifting appliance, lifting gear, lifting device, concerning any transport equipment or other equipment, to report such defects without unreasonable delay to his employer or foreman or other person in authority.

(2) No building worker, shall unless duly authorised or except in case of necessity, remove or interfere with any fencing, gangway, gear, ladder, hatch covering, life saving appliances, lighting or other things whatsoever required by the Act and these rules to be provided. If any of aforesaid things is removed, such thing shall be restored at the end of the period during which its removal was necessary, by the persons engaged in that work.

(3) Every building worker shall use only means of access provided in accordance with these rules and no person shall authorise or order another to use means of access other than such means of access.

(4) It shall be the duty of a building worker to keep the latrines, urinals, washing points, canteen and other facilities provided by the employer for securing his welfare in a clean and hygienic condition.





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