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38. Assessment of betterment charge by Authority.- (1) When it appears to the Authority that any particular development scheme is sufficiently advanced to enable the amount of the betterment charge to be determined, the Authority may, by an order made in this behalf, declare that for the purpose of determining the betterment charge the execution of the scheme shall be deemed to have been completed and shall thereupon give notice in writing to the owner of the property or any person having an interest therein that the Authority proposes to assess the amount of the betterment charge in respect of the property under section 37.

(2) The Authority shall then assess the amount of betterment charge payable by the person concerned after giving such person an opportunity to be heard and such person shall, within three months from the date of receipt of the notice in writing of such assessment from the Authority, inform the Authority by a declaration in writing that he accepts the assessment or dissents from it.

(3) When the assessment proposed by the Authority is accepted by the person concerned within the period specified in sub-section (2), such assessment shall be final.

(4) If any person concerned dissents from the assessment or fails to give the Authority the information required by sub-section (2) within the period specified therein, the matter shall be determined by arbitrators in the manner provided in section 39.





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