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23. Duties of Registrar.- (1) Subject to the provisions of this Act and subject to any general and special orders of the Board, it shall be the duty of the Registrar to keep the register and discharge such other functions as are required to be discharged by him under this Act or by the rules made thereunder.

(2) The Registrar shall, so far as practicable, keep the register correct and up-to-date and may from time to time enter therein any material alteration in the addresses or qualifications of the practitioners. He shall also remove from the register the name of the registered practitioners who die or who under the provisions of this Act cease to be entitled to remain on the register.

(3) The State Government may direct that no alterations in the entries in respect of additional qualifications shall be made unless such fee as may be prescribed is paid.

(4) For the purpose of this section, the Registrar may write to any registered practitioner at the address which is entered in the register to inquire whether he has ceased to practice or has changed his residence and if no answer is received to the said letter within three months, the Registrar may issue a registered reminder, and in case no reply is received to the reminder within one month from the date of its issue, he may remove the name of the said practitioner from the register:

Provided that the Board may, if it thinks fit, direct that the name of the practitioner be re-entered in the register.





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