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9. Removal of Member.- (1) If any member, during the period for which he has been nominated or elected.-

(a) Absents himself without sufficient cause from three consecutive ordinary meetings of the Board, or

(b) Becomes subject to any of the disqualifications mentioned in Section 10, or

(c) Being a legal practitioner, appears in any suit or proceedings, civil or criminal, against the Board, or

(d) Obtains any employment under the Board or has without the previous sanction of the State Government acquired directly or indirectly by himself or by a partner any share or interest in any contract with, by or on behalf of the Board, or

(e) Has so flagrantly abused in any manner his position as such as to render his continuance detrimental to the interest of the Board, The State Government may remove him from membership:

Provided that when the State Government proposes to take action under the foregoing provision of this section, an opportunity of explanation shall be given to the member concerned, and when such action is taken, the reason therefore shall be placed on record.

(2) The decision of the State Government under this section shall not be questioned in any court of law.





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