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75. Order of preference in admitting persons to land under section 73 and 74.- (1) In admitting any person as Bhumidhar or Asami under section 73 or 74, Gaon Sabha shall subject to the rules framed or any order made by Court in a suit for partition or in any other suit, observe the following order of preference

(a) Persons in the armed forces of the Union and the dependents of such of those persons as are killed in action, special preference being given in the case of persons decorated for gallantry.

(aa) A co- operative farm established under this Act holding land within l the jurisdiction of the Gaon Sabha to enable it to possess a suitable area of agricultural or cultivable land,

(b) A group of landless labourers or a landless labourer residing in the village,

(c) A Bhumidhar residing in the village, who is holding land less than eight standard acres in area in the State,

(d) An Asami holding land than eight standard acres in area in the village, and

(e) Any other person:

Provided that the land allotted to a co-operative farm under clause (aa) shall, if the registration of such farm is cancelled within two years of the allotment, revert upon such cancellation to the Gaon Sabha, and any person holding or retaining possession of such land shall be deemed to be a person occupying it without title liable to ejectment under clause (b) of sub section (1) section 84.

Provided further that in the cases to which clauses (b), (c), (d) and (e) apply the area to which the person concerned is admitted together with the total area of any other tenure held by him shall in no case exceed 8 standard acres:

Provided also that in the case of reclamation of waste land under sub-section (2) of section 74, where available, preference in the first instance shall be given to either the co-operative farm or a tenure holder having established provision for mechanised farming in the Gaon Sabha area, and the Gaon Sabha in that case shall be entitled to let out in excess of eight standard acres with the previous sanction in writing of the Chief Commissioner.

(2) The Deputy Commissioner may, on his own motion, and shall , on the application of any person aggrieved by an order of the Gaon Sabha passed under subsection (1), enquire in other prescribed manner and if he is satisfied that the Gaon Sabha has acted with substantial irregularity or otherwise than in accordance with the provisions of this Act, he may cancel such order.

(3) Where the deputy Commissioner cancels an order relating to admission of a person as Bhumidhar or Asami, the right, title and interest of such person or any person claiming through him shall cease in the land to which the order relates and shall revert to the Gaon Sabha and any person holding or retaining possession of such land after such cancellation shall be deemed to be a trespasser in respect of such land and shall be liable to ejectment in the manner prescribed."





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