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83. Arrest of person likely to abscond, etc.- (1) If any person commits any offence under this Act, other than an offence mentioned in section 82 or fails or refuses to pay any excess charge or other sum demanded under section 69 and there is reason to believe that he may abscond, or his name and address are unknown and he refuses on demand to give his name and address, or there is reason to believe that name and address given by him is incorrect, any metro railway official or police officer not below the rank of head constable, or any other person whom such metro railway official may call to his aid, may, without warrant or written authority, arrest him.

(2) A person so arrested shall be produced before the nearest Magistrate, having authority to try him or commit him for trial, as early as possible but within a period not exceeding twenty-four hours, arrest to the court of the Magistrate. exclusive of the time necessary for the journey from he place of





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