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2. Definitions.- In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires--

(a) "Administrator" means the Administrator of Delhi appointed by the president under article 239 of the Constitution:

(b) "Delhi" means the Union territory of Delhi;

(c) "prescribed" means prescribed by rules made under this Act;

(d) "quarter" means.. a period of three months commencing on the first day of April, the first day of July, the first day of October or the first day of January in each year;

(e) registered owner" means the person in whose name a motor vehicle is registered under the Motor Vehicles Act, 1939; (4.of 1939);

(f) "tax" means the tax levied under this Act;

(g) "taxation authority" means any person or authority appointed by the Administrator by notification in the Official Gazette to exercise the powers and perform the duties conferred or imposed upon a taxation authority by or under this Act;

(h) "token of means a ticket to be displayed on A motor vehicle as an indication that the tax has been duly paid or that no tax is payable;

(i) "Year" means the financial year;

(j) all words and expressions used, but not, defined in this Act, and defined in the Motor Vehicles Act, 1939, (4 of 1939) shall have the, 4 of meanings respectively assigned to them in that Act.





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