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6. Additional declaration.- (1) When a motor vehicle used or kept for use in Delhi is altered or is proposed to be used in such manner as to render the registered owner or the person who has possession or control such vehicle liable to the payment of additional tax under section 7, such owner or person shall fill up, sign and deliver in the manner provided in sub-section (2), an additional declaration and shall along with such additional declaration (accompanied by the certificate of registration in respect of such motor vehicle),pay to the taxation authority an additional tax payable under that section which he appears by such additional declaration to be liable to in respect of such vehicle.

(2) The additional declaration shall be in the prescribed form containing the prescribed particulars and shall be delivered to the taxation authority after being duly filled up and signed within the prescribed time. The additional declaration shall indicate clearly also the nature of alteration made in the motor vehicle or, as the case may be, the altered use to which the vehicle is proposed to put.

(3) On receipt of the additional tax under sub-section (1), the taxation authority shall issue to the registered owner or the personal who has possession or control of the vehicle, a fresh taken in place I of the original token and shall cause an entry of such payment to be made in the certificate of registration.





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