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5. Registration of Establishments.- (1) Within the period specified in sub- section (5), the occupier of every establishment shall send to the Chief Inspector a statement in a prescribed form, together with such fees as may be prescribed, containing:

(a) the name of the employer and the manager, if any;

(b) the postal address of establishment;

(c) the name, if any, of the establishment;

(d) the category of the establishment, i.e., whether it is a shop, commercial establishment, residential hotel, restaurant, eating house, theatre or other place of public amusement or entertainment;

(e) the number of employees working about the business of the establishment; and (f) such other particulars as may be prescribed.

(2) On receipt of the statement and the fees, the Chief Inspector shall, on being satisfied about the correctness of the statement, register the establishment in the Register of Establishments, in such manner as may be prescribed and shall issue, in a prescribed form a registration certificate to the occupier.

(3) The registration certificate shall be prominently displayed at the establishment and shall be renewed at such intervals as may be prescribed in this respect.

(4) In the event of any doubt or difference of opinion between an occupier and Chief Inspector as to the category to which an establishment should belong, the Chief Inspector shall refer the matter to the Government which shall, after such enquiry, as it may think proper, decide the category of the establishment and the decision thereof shall be final for the purpose of this Act.

(5) Within ninety days from the date mentioned in column 2 below in respect of any establishment mentioned in column 1, the statement together with fees shall be sent to the Chief Inspector under sub-section (1):

Establishment of 90 days is to commence Date from which the period

(i) Establishments existing in municipal areas, notified areas, and cantonment limits of Delhi, New Delhi, Shahdara, Civil Lines, Mehrauli, Red Fort and Delhi Cantonment.

(ii) Establishments existing in local areas in which this Act is brought into force by notification under sub-section (4) of section 1.

(iii) New establishment in areas mentioned in clauses (i) and (ii) of this sub-section

The date on which this Act comes into force.

The date on which this Act comes into force in the local areas concerned.

The date on which the establishment commences the work.





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