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3. Form of submitting a statement, the fees and other particulars under sub section (1) of Section 5.- Within 90 days from the date mentioned in column 2 in respect of Establishments mentioned in column 1, the occupier of the establishment shall send to the Chief Inspector a statement in Form " A " together with prescribed fee paid in cash not exceeding one hundred rupees or a crossed postal order in token of payment of such fees as are prescribed in Schedule I :-


Date from which the period of 90 Days to commence

(i) Establishments existing in areas to which the Act is applicable on the date on which the Act comes into force.

The date on which the Act comes into force

(ii) Establishments existing in local areas on the date on which the Act has been made applicable by notification The date on which the Act is brought into force by notification in local area or areas
(iii) New establishments in any area to which this Act is applicable The date on which the establishment commences its work




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