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70. Power of Commissioner to make notifications.- (1) The Commissioner may notify and publish any forms which may be necessary for the reporting of information to the Value Added Tax authorities.

(2) Where the Commissioner has notified a form for a particular purpose, all persons shall be required to report the information using the form.

(3) Where in his opinion it is necessary or convenient to do so, the Commissioner may issue notifications for carrying out the purposes of this Act:

PROVIDED that any notification shall not be inconsistent with this Act or any rules or regulations made pursuant to it.

(4) In particular and without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing power, a notification issued by the Commissioner may stipulate all or any of the matters which in the opinion of the Commissioner are necessary or convenient for the proper administration of this Act.

(5) Failure to comply with a requirement in a notification may be punishable with fine provided that the amount of the fine does not exceed five hundred rupees or such other amount as may be prescribed.

(6) Every notification issued by the Commissioner under this Act shall be published in the official Gazette, and shall not have any effect prior to such publication.





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