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Bare acts > Explosive Act, 1884
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SECTION Explosive Act, 1884
1. Short title
2. Commencement
3. Repeal of portions of Act 12 of 1875
4. Definitions
5. Power to make rules as to licensing of the manufacture, possession, use, sale, transport, import and export of explosives
5-A. Persons, already in business in respect of certain explosives to carry on such business without licence for a certain period
6. Power for Central Government to prohibit the manufacture, possession or importation of specially dangerous explosives
6-A. Prohibition of manufacture, possession, sale, or transport of explosive by young persons and certain other persons
6-B. Grant of licences
6-C. Refusal of licences
6-D. Licensing authority competent to impose conditions in addition to prescribed conditions
6-E. Variation, suspension and revocation of licences
6-F. Appeals
7. Power to make rules conferring powers of inspection, search, seizure, detention and removal
8. Notice of accidents
9. Inquiry into accidents
9-A. Inquiry into more serious accidents
9-B. Punishment of certain offences
9-C. Offences by companies
10. Forfeiture of explosives
11. Distress of aircraft or vessel
12. Abetment and attempts
13. Power to arrest without warrant persons committing dangerous offences
14. Savings and power to exempt
15. Saving of Indian Arms Act, 1878
16. Saving as to liability under other law
17. Extension of definition of "Explosive" to other explosive substances
17-A. Power to delegate
18. Procedure for making publication and confirmation of rules

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