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Indian Penal Code, 1860

As Amended upto date

107. Abetment of a thing
108. Abettor
108-A. Abetment in India of offences outside India
109. Punishment of abetment if the act abetted is committed in consequence, and where no express provision is made for its punishment
110. Punishment of abetment if person abetted does act with different intention from that of abettor
111. Liability of abettor when one act abetted and different act done
112. Abettor when liable to cumulative punishment for act abetted and for act done
113. Liability of abettor for an effect caused by the act abetted different from that intended by the abettor
114. Abettor present when offence is committed
115. Abetment of offence punishable with death or imprisonment for life
116. Abetment of offence punishable with imprisonment
117. Abetting commission of offence by the public or by more than ten persons
118. Concealing design to commit offence punishable with death or imprisonment for life
119. Public servant concealing design to commit offence which it is his duty to prevent
120. Concealing design to commit offence punishable with imprisonment
120-A. Definition of criminal conspiracy
120-B. Punishment of criminal conspiracy
121. Waging, or attempting to wage war, or abetting waging of war, against the Government of India
121-A. Conspiracy to commit offences punishable by section 121
122. Collecting arms, etc., with intention of waging war against the Government of India
123. Concealing with intent to facilitate design to wage war
124. Assaulting President, Governor, etc., with intent to compel or restrain the exercise of any lawful power
124-A. Sedition
125. Waging war against any Asiatic Power in alliance with the Government of India
126. Committing depredation on territories of Power at peace with the Government of India
127. Receiving property taken by war on depredation mentioned in sections 125 and 126
128. Public servant voluntarily allowing prisoner of State or war to escape
129. Public servant negligently suffering such prisoner to escape
130. Aiding escape of, rescuing or harbouring such prisoner
131. Abetting mutiny, or attempting to seduce a soldier, sailor or airman from his duty
132. Abetment of mutiny, if mutiny is committed in consequence thereof
133. Abetment of assault by soldier, sailor or airman on his superior officer, when in execution of his office
134. Abetment of such assault, if the assault is committed
135. Abetment of desertion of soldier, sailor or airman
136. Harbouring deserter
137. Deserter concealed on board merchant vessel through negligence of master
138. Abetment of act of insubordination by soldier, sailor or airman
138-A. Application of foregoing sections to the Indian Marine Service [repealed]
139. Persons subject to certain Acts
140. Wearing garb or carrying token used by soldier, sailor or airman
141. Unlawful assembly
142. Being member of unlawful assembly
143. Punishment
144. Joining unlawful assembly armed with deadly weapon
145. Joining or continuing in unlawful assembly, knowing it has been commanded to disperse
146. Rioting
147. Punishment for rioting
148. Rioting, armed with deadly weapon
149. Every member of unlawful assembly guilty of offence committed in prosecution of common object
150. Hiring, or conniving at hiring, of persons to join unlawful assembly
151. Knowingly joining or continuing in assembly of five or more persons after it has been commanded to disperse
152. Assaulting or obstructing public servant when suppressing riot, etc
153. Wantonly giving provocation with intent to cause riot
153-A. Promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion, race, place of birth, residence, language, etc., and doing acts prejudicial to maintenance of harmony
153-AA. Punishment for knowingly carrying arms in any procession or organizing or holding or taking part in any mass drill or mass training with arms
153-B. Imputations, assertions prejudicial to national-integration
154. Owner or occupier of land on which an unlawful assembly is held
155. Liability of person for whose benefit riot is committed
156. Liability of agent of owner or occupier for whose benefit riot is committed
157. Harbouring persons hired for an unlawful assembly
158. Being hired to take part in an unlawful assembly or riot
159. Affray
160. Punishment for committing affray
161. Public servant taking gratification other than legal remuneration in respect of an official act [Repealed]
162. Taking gratification, in order, by corrupt or illegal means, to influence public servant [Repealed]
163. Taking gratification, for exercise or personal influence with public servant [Repealed]
164. Punishment for abetment by public servant of offences defined in section 162 or 163 [Repealed]
165. Public Servant obtaining valuable thing, without consideration , from person concerned in proceeding or business transacted by such public servant [Repealed]
165-A. Punishment for abetment of offences defind in section 161 or section 165 [Repealed]
166. Public servant disobeying law, with intent to cause injury to any person
167. Public servant framing an incorrect document with intent to cause injury
168. Public servant unlawfully engaging in trade
169. Public servant unlawfully buying or bidding for property
170. Personating a public servant
171. Wearing garb or carrying token used by public servant with fraudulent intent
171-A. "Candidate", "Electoral right defined"
171-B. Bribery
171-C. Undue influence at elections
171-D. Personation at elections
171-E. Punishment for bribery
171-F. Punishment for undue influence or personation at an election
171-G. False statement in connection with an election
171-H. Illegal payments in connection with an election
171-I. Failure to keep election accounts
172. Absconding to avoid service of summons or other proceeding
173. Preventing service of summons or other proceeding, or preventing publication thereof
174. Non-attendance in obedience to an order from public servant
174-A. Non- appearance in response to a proclamation under section 82 of Act 2 of 1974
175. Omission to produce document or electronic record to public servant by person legally bound to produce it
176. Omission to give notice or information to public servant by person legally bound to give it
177. Furnishing false information
178. Refusing oath or affirmation when duly required by public servant to make it
179. Refusing to answer public servant authorised to question
180. Refusing to sign statement
181. False statement on oath or affirmation to public servant or person authorised to administer an oath or affirmation
182. False information, with intent to cause public servant to use his lawful power to the injury of another person
183. Resistance to the taking of property by the lawful authority of a public servant
184. Obstructing sale of property offered for sale by authority of public servant
185. Illegal purchase or bid for property offered for sale by authority of public servant
186. Obstructing public servant in discharge of public functions
187. Omission to assist public servant when bound by law to give assistance
188. Disobedience to order duly promulgated by public servant
189. Threat of injury to public servant
190. Threat of injury to induce person to refrain from applying for protection to public servant
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