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6. Removal of Lokayukta or Upalokayukta.- (1) The Lokayukta or Upalokayukta shall not be removed from his office except by an order of the Lieutenant Governor passed, with the prior approval of the President and after an address by the Legislative Assembly supported by a majority of the total membership of the legislative Assembly and by a majority not less than two thirds of the members thereof present and voting has been presented to the Lieutenant Governor in the same session for such removal on the ground of proved misbehavior or incapacity.

(2) The procedure for the presentation of an address and for the investigation and proof of the misbehavior or incapacity of the Lokayukta or Upalokayukta under sub-section (1) shall be as provided in the Judges (Inquiry) Act, 1968 (51 of 1968), in relation to the removal of a Judge and accordingly, the provisions of that Act shall, subject to necessary modifications, apply in relation to the removal of the Lokayukta or Upalokayukta as they apply in relation to the removal of Judge.





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