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109. Power of Central Government to restore or complete works at the cost of Board.- If, at any time, any Board -

(a) allows any work or appliance constructed or provided by, or vested in, the Board to fall into disrepair ; or

(b) does not, within a reasonable time, complete any work commenced by the Board or included in any estimate sanctioned by the Central Government; or

(c) does not, after due notice in writing, proceed to carry out effectively any work or repair or to provide any appliance which is necessary in the opinion of the Central Government for the purposes of this Act,

the Central Government may cause such work to be restored or completed or carried out, or such repairs to be carried out or such appliance to be provided and the cost of any such restoration, completion, construction, repair or provision shall be paid by the Board from and out of the moneys credited to the general account of the port.





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