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73. Issue of duplicate securities.- (1) When any Port Trust security is alleged to have been lost, stolen or destroyed either wholly or in part, and a person claims to be the person to whom but for the loss, theft or destruction it could be payable, he may, on application to the Board and on producing proof to its satisfaction of the loss, theft or destruction and of the justice of the claim and on payment of such fee, if any, as may be prescribed by regulations, obtain from the Board an order for-

(a) the payment of interest in respect of the security said to be lost, stolen or destroyed, pending the issue of a duplicate security; and

(b) the issue of a duplicate security payable to the applicant.

(2) An order shall not be passed under sub-section (1) until after the issue by the Board of the prescribed notification of the loss, theft or destruction.

(3) A list of the securities in respect of which an order is passed under sub-section (1) shall be published in such manner as the Board may prescribe.

(4) if at any time before the board becomes discharged under the provisions of this Act from liability in respect of any security the whole of which is alleged to have been lost, stolen or destroyed, such security is found, any order passed in respect thereof under this section shall be cancelled.





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