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90. Establishment of reserve funds.- (1) A Board may, from time to time, set apart such sums out of its surplus income as it thinks fit, as a reserve fund or funds for the purpose of expanding existing facilities or creating new facilities at the port or for the purpose of providing against any temporary decrease of revenue or increase of expenditure from transient causes or for purposes of replacement or for meeting expenditure arising from loss or damage from fire, cyclones, shipwreck or other accident or for any other emergency arising in the ordinary conduct of its work under this Act :

Provided that the sums set apart annually in respect of, and the aggregate at any time of, any such reserve fund or funds shall not exceed such amounts as may, from time to time, be fixed in that behalf by the Central Government.

(2) Any such reserve fund or funds may be invested in public securities or in such other securities as the Central Government may approve in this behalf.





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