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91. Power to reserve Port Trust securities for Board's own investments.- (1) For the purposes of any investment which a Board is authorised to make by this Act, it shall be lawful for every Board to reserve and set apart any securities to be issued by it on account of any loan to which the consent of the Central Government has been given, provided that the intention to so reserve and set apart such securities has been notified as a condition to the issue of the loan.

(2) The issue by any Board of any such securities direct to and in the name of the Board shall not operate to extinguish or cancel such securities, but every security so issued shall be valid in all respects as if issued to, and in the name of, any other person.

(3) The purchase by a Board, or the transfer, assignment or indorsement to a Board or to the Trustees of the sinking fund set up by a Board, of any security issued by the Board, shall not operate to extinguish or cancel any such security but the same shall be valid and negotiable in the same manner and to the same extent as if held by, or transferred or assigned or indorsed to, any other person.





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