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38. Endorsement on certificate of change of ownership.- (1) Whenever a change occurs in the registered ownership of an Indian ship, the change of ownership shall be endorsed on her certificate of registry either by the registrar of the ship's port of registry or by the registrar of any port at which the ship arrives who has been advised of the change by the registrar of the ship's port of registry.

(2) The master shall, for the purposes of such endorsement by the registrar of the ship's port of registry, deliver the certificate of registry to the registrar, forthwith after the change if the change occurs when the ship is at her port of registry, and if it occurs during her absence from that port and the endorsement under this section is not made before her return, then, upon her first return to that port.

(3) The registrar of any port, not being the ship's port of registry, who is required to make an endorsement under this section may, for that purpose, require the master of the ship to deliver to him the ship's certificate of registry so that the ship need not thereby be detained and the mater shall deliver the same accordingly.





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