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39. Delivery of certificate of ship lost or ceasing to be an Indian ship.- (1) In the event of a registered ship being either actually or constructively lost, taken by the enemy, burnt or broken up or ceasing for any reason to be an Indian ship, every owner of the ship or any share in the ship shall immediately on obtaining knowledge of the event, if no notice thereof has already been given to the registrar, give notice thereof to the registrar at her port of registry and that registrar shall make an entry thereof in the register book and its registry in that book shall be considered as closed except so far as relates to any unsatisfied mortgages entered therein.

(2) In any such case, except where the ship's certificate of registry is mislaid, lost or destroyed, the master of the ship shall, immediately if the event occurs in any port in India, or within ten days after his arrival in port if it occurs elsewhere, deliver the certificate to the registrar of the port or any other officer specified in this behalf by the Central Government if the port of arrival is in India, or if the arrival is in any port outside India to the Indian consular officer there, and the registrar if he is not himself the registrar of her port of registry or the officer so specified or the Indian consular officer, as the case may be shall forthwith forward the certificate officer, as the case may be, shall forthwith forward the certificate delivered to him to the registrar of her port of registry.





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