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45. Order for sale where ship has ceased to be an Indian ship.- (1) Where by reason of the transmission of any property in a ship or a share therein on death, insolvency or otherwise, a ship ceases to be an Indian ship, the registrar of her port of registry shall submit a report to the Central Government setting out the circumvent in which the ship has ceased to be an Indian ship.

(2) On receipt of such report, the Central Government may make an application to the High Court for a direction form the sale to any citizen of India or any company which satisfies the requirements specified in clause (b) of section 21 of the property so transmitted.

(3) The High Court may require any evidence in support of the application it thinks requisite and may make such order thereon and on such terms and conditions as it thinks just or may reject the application in any case it finds that the ship has not ceased to be an Indian ship; and in case the ship or the share is ordered to be sold, it shall direct that the proceeds of the sale after deducting the expenses thereof, be paid to the person entitled under such transmission or otherwise.

(4) Every application for sale shall be made within such time as may be prescribed;

Provided that an application may be admitted by the High Court after the time prescribed, if the Central Government satisfies the High Court that it had sufficient cause for not making the application within such time.





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