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Prisoners Act, 1900

  Part I : Preliminary
1. Short title and extent
2. Definitions
  Part II : General
3. Officers in-charge of prisons to detain persons duly committed to their custody
4. Officers in charge of prisons to return writs, etc. after execution or discharge
  Part III : Prisoners in the Presidency towns
5. Warrants, etc. to be directed to police officers
6. Power for State Governments to appoint Superintendents of Presidency prisons
7. Delivery of persons sentenced to imprisonment or death by High Court
8. Delivery of persons sentenced to transportation by High Court
9. Delivery of persons committed by High Court in execution of a decree or for contempt
10. Delivery of persons sentenced by Presidency Magistrates
11. Delivery of persons committed for trial by High Court
12. Custody pending hearing by High Court under Section 350 of the Code of Civil Procedure of application for insolvency
13. Delivery of persons arrested in pursuance of warrant of High Court or Civil Court in Presidency town
  Part IV : Prisoners outside the Presidency Towns
14. References in this Part to prisons, etc. to be construed as referring also to reformatory schools
15. Power for officers-in-charge of prisons to give effect to sentences of certain Courts
16. Warrant of officer of such Court to be sufficient authority
17. Procedure where officer-in-charge of prison doubts and legality of warrant sent to him for execution under this Part
18. Execution in the States of certain capital sentences not ordinarily executable there
  Part V : Persons under Sentence of Penal Servitude
19. [Repealed]
20. [Repealed]
21. [Repealed]
22. [Repealed]
23. [Repealed]
24. [Repealed]
25. [Repealed]
26. [Repealed]
27. [Repealed]
  Part VI : Removal of Prisoners
28. References in this Part to prisons, etc., to be construed as referring also to reformatory schools
29. Removal of prisoners
30. Lunatic prisoners how to be dealt with
31. Removal of prisoners from territories under one Local Government to territories under another
  Part VII : Persons Under Sentence Of Imprisonment for Life
32. Appointment of places for confinement of persons under sentence of imprisonment for life and removal thereto
  Part VIII : Discharge of Prisoners
33. Release, on recognizance, by order of High Court, of prisoner recommended for pardon
  Part IX : Provisions For Requiring The Attendance Of Prisoners And Obtaining Their
34. [Repealed]
35. [Repealed]
36. [Repealed]
37. [Repealed]
38. [Repealed]
39. [Repealed]
40. [Repealed]
41. [Repealed]
42. [Repealed]
43. [Repealed]
44. [Repealed]
45. [Repealed]
46. [Repealed]
47. [Repealed]
48. [Repealed]
49. [Repealed]
50. [Repealed]
51. [Repealed]
52. [Repealed]
53. [Repealed]
  First Schedule
  Second Schedule
  Third Schedule



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