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Bare acts > State Financial Corporations (Amendment) Act, 2000 > Section 4


4. Amendment of section 4.-In section 4 of the principal Act,-

(a) for sub-sections (1), (2) and (3), the following sub-sections shall be substituted, namely:-

"(1) The authorised capital of the Financial Corporation shall be such sum as may be fixed by the State Government in this behalf, but it shall not be less than fifty lakhs of rupees or exceed five hundred crores of rupees: Provided that the State Government may, on the recommendation of the Small Industries Bank, by notification in the Official Gazette, increase the authorised capital up to one thousand crores of rupees.

(2) Subject to the provisions of section 4D, the authorised capital shall be divided into such number of fully paid-up shares of the same face value and such number of fully paid-up redeemable preference shares of the same face value and shall be issued o the parties mentioned in clauses (a), (b) and (c) of sub-section (3) and in the case of parties referred to in clause (d) of that sub-section, such shares shall be issued at such times and in such manner as the State Government may, by notification i the Official Gazette, determine.

(3) Subject to the approval of the State Government and the Small Industries Bank, the Board shall determine the number of shares which may, respectively, be distributed among- (a) the State Government; (b) the Small Industries Bank; (c) public sector banks, the Life Insurance Corporation of India established under section 3 of the Life Insurance Corporation Act, 1956 (31 of 1956), other insurance companies owned or controlled by the Central Government, other institutions owned or controlled by t e Central Government or the State Government, as the case may be; and (d) parties other than those referred to in clause (a) or clause (b) or clause (c):

Provided that the number of shares which may be allocated to parties referred to in clause (d) shall in no case exceed forty-nine per cent. of the total number of issued equity shares: Provided further that no increase in the issued equity capital shall be made in such a manner that the parties referred to in clause (a) or clause (b) or clause (c) hold in aggregate, at any time less than fifty-one per cent. of the issued equity capital of the Financial Corporation.'';

(b) in sub-section (5), for the words "Development Bank", the words "Small Industries Bank" shall be substituted.





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